Eagle Skylift Arthurs Seat
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MTB Trial 

The Eagle is providing transportation for mountain bike riders from its Base Station in Dromana up to the top of Arthurs Seat initially for a trial period. During this introductory phase, please share your ideas and comments with us through the below survey. Your responses will be used to improve our MTB service.  

  • Leave your bike at the bike rack and purchase your ticket at the ticket box
  • Follow signage to the Bike Entrance - this is separate to the entry for passengers on foot
  • Our friendly lift attendants will guide you and your bike onto the gondola
  • The journey to the Summit Station  will take approximately 14 minutes
  • Wheel your bike out the side door as sign-posted
  • From the top of Arthurs Seat the Red Hill MTB Trails the closest trails are a 5 minute ride. Further trails are a 15 minute ride
  • Click below to view the trail map.
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