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Safety Training Week

Safety is paramount to the new Eagle.

Now that the opening date is drawing near, Arthurs Seat Eagle is focusing on safety and is running static evacuation training from Tuesday 11 October to Saturday 15 October.

Static evacuation means that people will be evacuated from the gondolas at height and brought safely down to the ground with the use of elevated platforms and, in planning for the worst possible scenario, harnesses, ropes and pulleys. Although the chances of this ever being needed is extremely slim, being prepared for all situations is paramount to the team at the Eagle.

After a week of intensive training the first mock evacuation will take place on Saturday 15th October. The Eagle wants to let people know not to panic if they see people being rescued from the gondolas on Saturday. It is happening in a controlled environment and being guided by experts from around the country. 

The exercise includes Arthurs Seat Eagle staff, qualified instructors and both ground and aerial units of the CFA.  Saturday's program is the culmination of a week’s specialist high ropes evacuation training for staff and volunteers.

The rescue crews will be learning advanced aerial rescue techniques using the latest equipment developed in Switzerland. They are trained by instructors from Fire and Rescue Australia Training which is a Nationally accredited training organisation. Fire and Rescue Australia Training has a client base including state and interstate CFA & MFB fire authorities, interstate Police rescue as well as a number of international rescue organisations.

Saturday's exercise will combine the efforts of around 40 people showcasing just some of the strategies and techniques that are being implemented to ensure that the Eagle experience is enjoyable, unique and safe for all that come to fly. Training for the safety team will be held on a monthly basis with static evacuations happening annually.