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Welcome to Wedgie's Tales

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Hello there! I’m Wedgie.

Welcome to Wedgie’s Tales – a blog about the Arthurs Seat Eagle and how to make the most out of your visit to our beautiful area.

With each tale, I’ll share some interesting facts and information about us and also about the surrounding parks, activities and regional destinations to explore.

Today, we’ll start with a short one.

Why Wedgie? Better still why is the Arthurs Seat Eagle called Eagle?

We’re named in honour of the Wedge-tailed Eagle or Bunjil (that’s me!), the largest bird of prey in Australia.

In real life I have long, fairly broad wings, that can reach a wingspan of over 2.5 metres – did you know that the largest wingspan ever verified for an eagle was for my species?!

Wedge-tailed eagles are highly aerial, soaring for hours on end without wingbeat and seemingly without effort, regularly reaching 1,800 m - So needless to say, we have the incredible ability to soar in flight.

Now even though the gondolas don’t actually reach the same heights as my family can, it’s still a feeling we hope guests to Arthurs Seat Eagle will experience – a gliding, soaring, feeling of flight.

Oh, I didn’t say why I’m Wedgie… well, when in flight the wedge-tailed eagle has an unmistakable wedge-shaped tail. And in Australia we like to add the sound of eeeee to nicknames, so I’m Wedgie.

I do hope you’ll come back and check out all the tales I have to tell. If I’m lucky the bosses may even allow me to put some giveaways on this page – freebieeees for my readers!!

Thanks for stopping by, see you in the sky.


wedge-tailed eagle in flight