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Five Fab Things to Soar to in Dromana

The Arthurs Seat Eagle is only a short drive (or walk) away from the bustling small ‘village’ of Dromana.

And for a tiny section of the Mornington Peninsula, Dromana has a huge variety of things to see, do and explore. From coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and bars… to boutique shopping, galleries and wineries.

I soared down from Arthurs Seat the other day and popped into a few of my favourite places and thought I’d share them with you.

1.     But First Coffee

In a little group of shops near the 7/eleven, you’ll find Style Pirate. A coffee shop with a difference as it also stocks a collective of local items – art, jewellery, books, homewares, body lotions, candles and more. Plus, they serve awesome coffee blends and a few sweet treats on the side.

2.     To play… to run… to see…

The Pier at Dromana stretches out into Port Phillip and is great for a wander. The pier is about 200 metres long and I find it to be a perfect location for a spot of fishing!

In the park nearby there is a really fun kids’ playground, swings and slides and ladders to climb.

3.     All the little boxes…

Dromana foreshore has one of the loveliest collections of colourful beach boxes. Right along the shoreline of the Mornington Peninsula you can see these historic (and now ultra-trendy) structures. The beach boxes first appeared in the late 19th century and were used as modesty rooms for beach users to change into their swimsuits. Today they stand as an iconic image of the region and are still used by today’s beach goers to hang out in and around… and in my case sometimes on.

4.     A treat for the taste buds

Down the road and around a few corners, you’ll find our friends at Crittenden Estate. One of the pioneering vineyards of the region, the Crittenden family are redefining the cellar door for the next generation. There’s no jostling at the bar for a tipple here… it’s all very civilised as you take a seat and explore the different wines that you prefer to taste. But, it’s still a very friendly and relaxed experience.

5.     To sleep… ahh to dream

It’s not a long journey to find a brilliant space to stop for the night… in fact with my wing span of around 2.5 metres it’s only a couple of flaps of my wings and I’m landed at Lakeside Villas (right on Crittenden Estate). The three villas are slick and fashionable, with all the conveniences you’d expect from 4.5 star accommodation but the overall feeling is totally comfy and relaxed. I enjoy sitting out on the private deck and having a chat with my mates the ducks! I tell you, the place is so lovely I’m almost tempted to relocate my nest here…

Well that’s five other things to do nearby on the Mornington Peninsula… but there’s so much more that you will find when you add on a few more activities while visiting us here at Arthurs Seat Eagle.

Until next time, see you in the sky. 


The shelves of goodies at Style Pirate.

The shelves of goodies at Style Pirate.

Admiring the views in front of the Dromana beach boxes.

Admiring the views in front of the Dromana beach boxes.

Crittenden Estate Wine Centre and Lakeside Villas at Crittenden Estate.

Crittenden Estate Wine Centre and Lakeside Villas at Crittenden Estate.