Eagle Skylift Arthurs Seat
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arthurs seat nature and environment

Local Wildlife

The Arthurs Seat Eagle Aerial Gondola is located in Arthurs Seat State Park which is home to a diverse range of native animals including kangaroos, koalas, the Southern Brown Bandicoot, Tree Goanna, Southern Emu Wren, Lewin's Rail, Powerful Owl and, of course, our namesake the Wedge-tailed Eagle. 


There are many rare and uncommon plant species including the threatened Purple Eyebright. Keep your own eyes bright and you may spot it while you are visiting us.

Purple Eyebright

Walking Tracks

There is a network of walking tracks throughout Arthurs Seat State Park that provide the opportunity to get up close to nature, stock up on fresh air and get some exercise. To find the best track for you, have a look at the map provided by Park Victoria on their website. www.parks.vic.gov.au



  • Please put all rubbish in bins for recycling and disposal

  • Do not disturb our native plants and animals

  • When walking through the Park please keep to the formed tracks

  • Dogs are not permitted in the State Park

  • Fires and camping are not permitted within the Park

  • Tread lightly and leave the Park as you found it