Eagle Skylift Arthurs Seat
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Please keep to the designated tracks

Red Hill offers MTB Trails for all levels of riders. The ones closest to the Eagle's Summit Station are rated black and are suitable for experienced riders. Click map to enlarge.


>> Charlotte's Pass 
2km - One way descending
A fast flowing single trail with short sharp climbs over granite boulders, rock rollers, large obstacles and tight technical sections

 >> Deadwoods
One way descending
A tight technical descending trail with berms, rock drops and steep chutes

>> Pink Line
Two way
Natural surface single trail with minimal gradient and wide open corners

>> Rock Salt
Top section one way, descending bottom two way
Top section starts with a short pinch climb before heading into a fast descending rock garden section, with some rock armour, tree roots and a natural dip before joining the two way section. From here its a flowing single trail that follows the natural contours of the landscape which can be enjoyed from both directions


  • Pink Line 0.4km — Two way
  • Rock Salt 1.1km — Top section one
  • Slippery Gypsy 0.2 km — Two way
  • Wombat 1.7km — One way descending
  • East Link 1.0km — Two ways
  • Pine Climb 0.8km — One way ascending
  • High Roller 1.2km — Two ways
  • Pins and Needles 0.8 km — One way descending
  • Fall Line 0.7 km — One way descending
  • Deadwoods 0.7km — One way descending
  • Crits 0.6km — One way descending
  • Loop Trail 1.7 km — Two way
  • Charlottes Pass 1.7km — One way descending
  • Link 0.4km — Two way